Chronic Knee Center of San Diego
Performing Non-surgical Knee Procedures
Rudy A. Reyes, D.C.
What if your knee problem is Brain Based and not structural?
Many patients who come to us with knee problems have been told that
they are “
bone on bone” and may need surgery. We pride ourselves on
being able to help those who consider this their “
last resort” by
performing a specific
non-surgical procedure. Many are now walking pain free
after completing our program.  Generally speaking, most of the knee patients that
come to
Chronic Knee Center have been dealing with knee problems for a
significant period of time and have already had several therapies done to address
their knee condition.  They are considered by some doctors to be the worst of the

Dr. Reyes understands that many knee conditions are multifaceted and
require a multifaceted approach. Chronic knee problems are extremely
frustrating. Something as simple as getting out of a chair, walking up
or down stairs, enjoying a short
walk around the block can become a
big chore. But there may be more to
your knee problem than meets the eye.
We will do a thorough neurological
assessment of the lower extremities,
reflexes, vibration testing, muscle
strength testing and testing for
contracted musculatures of the hip,
sacroiliac joint, lower legs and
feet. All of these factors can play into
a knee problem. You don’t just
get bad knees for no reason.

After we have done a full assessment we will let you know if you
qualify for our knee program.  If you do, your care program may consist
of one or more of the following:

PNRT (peripheral neuropathy rehab therapy)
Knee alignments
Trigenics (Brain based non-surgical procedure)
NCi (Neuro Cranial Integration)
Sacroiliac stabilizing

For most patients, we can drastically reduce their chronic knee pain in as little as 2
visits. Some patients get 100% relief of their pain in the first 2 visits. For others
we reduce their pain by 50% or more. If we don’t feel like we can get you relief
and results in as little as 2 visits, then we will not take you on as a patient.

Our knee pain procedures are a
safe and effective treatment option. It does not
involve painful surgery,
no drugs and no injections. Results within 2 visits.

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If we accept you as a patient, our goal will be to help you avoid
surgery, decrease or completely eliminate your pain, improve stability,
motion, strength and flexibility.  If for any reason we believe that
your knee problem is too serious for this program to correct we will
let you know.

We hope that this has given you enough information to decide what your next step
is to handle your condition. We are here to help you, so pick up the phone and call
Chronic Knee Center to set up an appointment to see if we can help resolve
your unwanted condition.     
Call now 619-574-0554.
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