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Performing Non-Surgical Knee Procedures
Before the treatment even begins, when the PNRT is first turned on, it goes
through a sophisticated internal start-up procedure to:

a)  Calibrate itself to standards traceable to the National Bureau of  
b)  Record the patient's base line, fine tune the PNRT's output for safety and
monitor the patient for changes, sets time limits between the PNRT's
therapeutic  impulses.

In order to do this, The PNRT :

1.  Analyzes
               A. Percentage of body fat        
               B. Percentage of water
               C. Electrical resistance
               D. Resting voltage potential
               E. Electrical capacitance

2.  Self adjusts
               A. Limits current flow
               B. Adjusts for best frequency (7.83, +/- 10%)
               C. Calibrates patient operated intensity knob

These things are accomplished via the first of three parallel
microprocessors., and internal voltmeter, frequency counter pulse width
oscilloscope, and software similar to that developed for the consumer
bathroom "smart" scale.

As an analogy, consider how the body manages an "itch". The body sends a
signal to the brain as to the existence of the need for friction on a specific
location and its location. It increases the intensity of the desire to scratch it.
Once the response is begun, it monitors the pressure and duration applied vs.
the stored parameters of what is needed. Once the proper need has been
fulfilled it communicates to stop scratching so as to eliminate the pleasure
from turning to pain, and perhaps creating an abrasion that could lead to an

Similarly, the PNRT uses biofeedback in its initial start-up sequence to
determine the patient's initial situation, and then monitors those parameters
during the 15-30 minutes max. treatment time and makes adjustments in
real-time for the best and safest clinical outcome.
Peripheral Neuropathy Rehab Therapy
Peripheral Neuropathy Rehab Therapy
Safety Start-Up Sequence
"Sometimes the
hardest thing and the
right thing are the
same thing."