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Rudy A. Reyes, D.C.
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The body has the
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heal itself, I do not
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There are a few steps involved to becoming a patient at our clinic:

During your in-office consultation, Dr. Reyes will review your health history,
intake forms, metabolic questionnaires and all previous medical records if you
have any.
 Dr. Reyes will then perform a comprehensive exam on your first visit.  
Depending on your condition, this exam may include neurological, orthopedic and/or
kinesiological testing.  If necessary, we will also take X-Rays on this visit.

At the conclusion of your exam, you will then be scheduled for a second visit so
that Dr. Reyes can review all of your exam findings in detail.
This is why it is a
must that your spouse or significant other be present.

If Dr. Reyes believes he can help you with your condition, he will inform you that
you qualify for care during this report.
At that time, he will make recommendations
for care with
you and your spouse or loved one and go over your finances.

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